Folding Survival Pocket Knife

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Folding Survival Pocket Knife

Folding Survival Pocket Knife

Upgrade your everyday carry by adding a 6-in-1 multifunctional folding survival pocket knife to your collection. It weighs only 5.5 OZ and features a mini LED flashlight, glass breaker, emergency rope cutter, magnesium fire starter, and more!


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Star Trek Condom

There was a time in your life that you sought out strange new places, encounter new life forms. There’s no better way to prepare yourself than with these Star Trek-inspired condoms. Next time, you should boldly go where no one has gone be...


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No-Spill Travel Dog Water ...

Keep feeding your Rex during long trips by using no-spill travel dog water bowl! Your dog deserves to be happy in the back seat with some food or water. The best Side of the travel bowl is dishwasher safe thanks to made out of food-grade si...


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Darth Vader USB Charger

Darth Vader USB Charger is a unique gift idea for any traveler geek. Rule the Darth Vader, use the power of the Dark Side to make your life easier. He's a unique travel buddy who supplies you with the power that you need.


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Blue Led Mask

Blue led mask is one of the unique gift ideas for any Halloween party! If you want to be scary, this mask definitely will help you. All you need to do is light the darkness up and then glow in the dark at the party like a star in the sky!


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Solar Lantern Fairy Lights

Make a magical touch your garden decoration by illuminating your table with solar lantern fairy lights. Rustic looking hemp handle adds to the outdoorsy, fairy appeal. It features automatically turn on/off mode and works up to 8 hours.


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Carhartt Beverage Holster

Never lose track of your beverage again with the Carhartt beverage holster. Keep your drink close at hand at all times while your hands are busy tailgating, barbequing, and doing other manly activities that tie up the use of both your hands.


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Cowboy Beer Holster

You probably not the quickest gun in the west, but the cowboy beer holster will make you the drunkest! Strap it on your belt and store your beer easily while your hands are busy. Just remember not to sit down with an open beverage in the cozy!


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Perky Golf Tee

Perky Golf Tee is a perfect gift idea for any golf lover! You should keep your eyes on the ball. Because it is difficult to stay balanced in the face of this beauty! You will never wanna miss your flashy golf stroke again thanks to Perky Go...


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LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader...

We found a fantastic lamp for every geek who loves lego. Let Darth Vader illuminate your world with the power of the Dark Side by using LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Desk Lamp... May the Force be with You!


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